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Thankyou for thinking about working with Being Tillys Mummy.

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Blog History

My Blog was born in march 2013 when I realised that my daughters birthday was approaching and it was the first birthday I actually looked forward to since I had suffered from Post Natal Psychosis.

As I was well on the road to recovery I wanted to share my achievements and my life as Being Tillys Mummy with the world. Over a year later, here I am with an amazing growth and I love that people read my ramblings.

My blog is a lifestyle blog and I cover a variety of subjects, everything that I blog about is relevant to our life and all the reviews fit in with the blog perfectly. I blog everyday, so there is always a new post to read.

The main subjects I blog about are

Travel/Holidays/days out
Bringing up a family
Beauty and fragrance
Entertaining children on a budget
Art and craft
Life through the eyes of a 4 year old
Mental health problems

What Services Can We Offer You?

Emergency blog assistance
Free non-profit promotions/Charity posts
Product reviews
Sponsored posts
Guest posts
Brand awareness posts

How Can Our Blog Benefit You?

Engaged readership
Unique giveaways
 Proffessional team to help run the blog and market it
Links back to your website
Offer brand awareness to the readers

Product reviews

I am happy to do product reviews as long as the product fits in with my blog. If the product fits in with family life, travel, beauty and running a home, I’m more than happy to write a review.

If you choose to send me a product, please expect an honest review. All product reviews will be shared on all of my social networks. If available, I will tag your company and include a photo of the product. I will only review and share a product that I like and that I think the readers of my blog will like and find interesting . If the product doesn't do what it says, I will need to be honest and show it to my audience.

If you would like me to do a product review, I will ask that an extra product is supplied to share with my blog followers in the form of a giveaway, this will then be linked back to you for extra publicity

All reviews are honest, and I will try to put the review on the blog with in 28 days of receiving the product, although books will take longer

If your product doesn't fit in the above list, do still contact me as i am always looking to try new items and offering an honest review. Just send me a Message by email

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a great way for your brand/company to get exposure. If your company would like to work with my blog to generate a personalized sponsored post, please message to discuss any sponsorship fees and details.

Guest posts

I would love to work with other people for guest posts
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  1. I find your blog inspiring. I am also a lifestyle blogger ( I think - never sure what to class myself as to be honest!). I also started in 2013 and am still learning, finding my way a little more each week. You are a role model. thankyou. x

  2. Good blog, really inspiring others. My Best Wishes to the entire efforts made by you.